Ocean’s Four Areas of Expertise

Ocean is a cloud based, file sharing and collaboration service that incorporates enterprise level security processes and systems. Easily exchange files and collaborate between employees, cross-divisional teams, geographically separated organizations and company business partners. While Ocean was designed to meet the needs of companies of all sizes and in any industry, we specifically focus on Healthcare, Energy, Finance and Legal and other companies in regulated industries. If your organization requires regulatory compliance, Ocean has you covered.


Ocean’s secure encrypted file storage, sharing and collaboration capabilities help health care organizations meet the file and information sharing requirements of HITECH, Meaningful Use and Affordable Health Care Act. This HIPAA compliant tool is the solution for exchanging protected health care information between covered entities. User interface was especially designed for Healthcare work flows. Ocean replaces FTP, email, and removable media/storage, faxing and other file share services. Ocean incorporates DOD Standards for encryption at rest and in motion. Ocean will sign your organization’s Business Associates Agreement.


Ocean provides industry leading security built to comply with the NIST framework. Ocean is also designed to be user friendly making it effortless and safe to collaborate sensitive information with your business partners and internal workforce members wherever they are at. Thoughtful administrative controls and automation means there is typically no administrative overhead to connect and share documents with users internal and external to your organization, while maintaining the highest levels of security.


Ocean provides financial organizations the ability to securely exchange sensitive information and collaborate while maintaining regulatory compliance. Ocean’s intuitive user interface will help your workforce members streamline business processes and reduce administrative expense. Tracking who has access to data stored in Ocean is easy with a comprehensive logging and auditing solution built in. Role management and separation of duties are easy to setup, enabling SOX, FINRA and SEC compliance.

Business File Sharing

Even if your business is not in a regulated industry, there is an ever-growing need to keep your private business information safe and secure. If you have a need to easily AND securely share digital files such as budgets, CAD files, collateral files, photos, spreadsheets, video files, financial files or any other file type, then the Ocean is THE solution for your business. Ocean supports all file formats and unlimited file size. Your organization will reduce cost and increase productivity by using Ocean’s secure file sharing services.