Designed For Easier Administrative Management and Control

Ocean Partner Network incorporates a regulatory compliant system (HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, NIST) that provides comprehensive security controls and encryption to safeguard your sensitive data.

Ocean uses 256bit AES encryption along with other methods conforming to DOD standards to ensure your login, password and data isn’t vulnerable to a breach. We take pride in using the highest level of security controls available to ensure your data is securely uploaded, downloaded, stored and synced over the internet.

Ocean also utilizes proprietary  algorithms the protect the system and data from most known hacking techniques.

Built in business partner approval and management processes allows administrators governance over companies your employees can exchange files with. Ocean ensures that file sharing access only takes place between approved partner companies and, therefore, users can only share files with companies your organization approves.

User account identity management makes it easy for users to create accounts and for administrators to grant appropriate permissions based on role. In addition, automated termination functionality keeps access to your files limited to only those with a need to see.

A full user auditing and reporting system combined with advanced privacy and compliance capabilities deliverers the most secure cloud based, file storage, sharing and collaboration system available.