Single Screen Access to all Files, Folders, and Activity

Ocean has been designed with a pleasant interface that utilizes intelligent user menus and intuitive information placement and delivery. A single screen provides a feature rich experience to allow the user to easily interact with the system, whether the goal is to manage files, partnership connections, or administrative controls.


Layout of the screen allows users to view files, folders, and partnership activity at-a-glance. The unique file attribute search capability is much faster and more efficient than drilling through multiple levels of directory trees set up by other business partners. Toolbars change depending on the activity you are performing, eliminating the need to search for a function in multiple dropdown menus.

To share files, the company and business partner directory section lists team members and their contact information making it easy to find the person you need to share with.

File sharing permissions are easy to set up with drag and drop functionality. Drag partner names onto file or folder names and connections are made to those partners. Content update notifications are made easy with automated email notifications.

Automated versioning and file checkout functions mean you don’t have to worry about overwriting another user’s changes.

All relevant activity is listed in chronological order in the events timeline section, making it easy to stay up-to-date and access the latest content.