Security that Meets the Highest Standards

Ocean is designed to be a centralized, regulatory compliant tool (HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, NIST)  that reduces user help tickets and internal server management. Administration capabilities are largely automated, file and folder access is designed to be user managed, reducing administrative overhead, while maintaining compliance and governance with features like logging and reporting, role management and automated user termination.

Full auditing and reporting capabilities provide information about who has access to what, when they accessed data, when and where they accessed it from. This ability to see what internal, external, and business partner users can do, and are doing, allows administers to easily keep control of companywide file access and sharing.

Complete administrative governance provides IT managers the capability to control all permissions and access between internal users and external business partners. The easy-to-use interface allows for setting password policies, account expirations, file versioning variations, and file retention limitations. System hierarchy also allows for setting high-level parameters and then distributing activity level management to users as appropriate, reducing help ticket work.

Administrators can decide how much control they want to give to the end-users. Built-in workflows route requests appropriately in the background, without interrupting normal business processes.

User Distributed Management allows users to:

  • Create accounts
  • Verify accounts
  • Reset passwords
  • Unlock accounts
  • Manage who their files are shared with internally and externally
  • Manage level of access to their content – download, upload, or both
  • Review user access activity to their content
  • Create and manage folders
  • Group files and other users for content sharing
  • Share a file with multiple organizations at the same time, providing a common place to collaborate
  • Set their own profile and contact information
  • Select what contact information is visible within their own organization and with business partners