OceanSync automates file transfers, sharing & backup

Syncing files between computers or storage solutions has become a whole lot easier with Ocean’s OceanSync application.

OceanSync is a Windows-based application that automates file syncing from a local computer, server or network storage to Ocean cloud services. OceanSync can be used as an end to end file transfer solution much like FTP only much easier to use. You no longer need to give external users access to your internal network just to access data.

While users will love how easy OceanSync to share files and folders within the corporate network and with external business partners, Security, Privacy and Compliance groups will appreciate the governance tools such as user permission and access logging and reporting functions.

Any local folder can be designated to sync, making sure all the latest file versions are already on your computer when you open them. Simply edit the file, save, and the new version will automatically be distributed to all your designated co-workers and partners.

Why Choose OceanSync

  • Replace FTP and other legacy systems.
  • Eliminate the need for non-secure and non-compliant consumer products.
  • Increase productivity, while reducing cost and administrative overhead.
  • Allow users to work with files locally, without needing to access any additional tools.